May we Pray with You?

The churches of Montrose are joining our hurting neighbors in lifting up their needs to the God who cares for them.


What is Prayer Fest?

Bear One Another’s Burdens

Bringing emotional, spiritual and practical support to those in our midst who are enduring trials so they do not have to face their struggles alone

Giving Practical Help to Neighbors

Addressing the felt needs of hurting people in our community by the wise application of our pooled talents and resources

Unity of the Body of Christ

Dozens of churches and hundreds of followers of Jesus joining their hearts to be advocates before God for those around us who are suffering













































submit a prayer request

Prayer requests can be made at one of our events, at the prayer tent or by filling out the form below.

General Info

How can We Pray with You?

Confidentiality of prayer requests and answers will be observed unless an individual requests that the request/answer be shared with prayer circles throughout Montrose. Even then, the one prayed with will only be identified by a single initial.
Follow up on prayers may be made by the person who prayed with the one requesting prayer, with the requester’s permission.

Get Involved

We need your help

PrayerFest offers hundreds of opportunities to participate, with activities suited to every age and skill. With your involvement, God is able to do beyond all we could imagine.